Course Description

The Ultimate Power Query & Data Cleansing Online Course
Will Improve Your Efficiency & Output In Microsoft Excel By:

  • Formatting & Transforming Data Within Minutes & Without Using VBA or Macros...
  • Cleaning & Extracting Your Data Using Formulas & Excel's Built-In Analytical Tools to Further Your Analysis & Make Insightful Business Decisions...
  • Learning How To Use Power Query (Get & Transform in Excel 2016) Which is The Most Powerful Excel Feature Since VLOOKUP...
  • Automating Your Daily/Weekly/Monthly Reports With a Single Refresh, Saving You Hours in the Process!!!
  • Consolidating Data & Reports from Multiple Sources, Giving You Greater Insights that will Reach Top Management & Making You More Valuable, Whilst Increasing Your Opportunities!

Welcome to The Ultimate Microsoft Excel Power Query & Data Cleansing course which has over 100 short and precise tutorials and has been carefully created by John Michaloudis and Oz du Soleil (Excel Most Valuable Professional) who bring more than 30 years of Excel and professional experience into this course.

The course covers all of Excel´s must-know features for cleaning, transforming and automating messy data that gets downloaded from an external source. You will learn Excel formulas such as the Text, Logical and Lookup, as well as Excel's analytical features such as Text to Columns, Go to Special, Sort & Filter, Find & Replace, Conditional Formatting, Excel Tables, Pivot Tables, and much much more.

Most importantly, this course focuses on teaching you Power Query (Get & Transform in Excel 2016) which will allow you to clean, automate and consolidate your reports within seconds, saving you hours from your work week!

No matter if you are a Beginner or an Advanced user of Excel, you are sure to benefit from this course which goes through every single Data Cleansing tool that is available in Microsoft Excel.

The course is designed for Excel 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016. There are 20 different chapters so you can work on your weaknesses and enhance your strengths. Each chapter was designed to improve your Excel skills with extra time saving Tips and real life Business Case Studies.

In no time you will be able to clean lots of data and report it in a quick and interactive way, learn how to work with various transformation Formulas, create consolidated monthly reports with the press of a button, wow your boss with stunning Excel visuals and get noticed by top management & prospective employers!

Icon Here’s what you’ll get once you’re inside
the student area...

This course organized into 20 chapters with more than 100 video tutorials and over 7 hours of content!

Each tutorial in the course stays focused on only the most important features to get you up and running with confidence!

The courses Videos are easy to digest, averaging 3 minutes each, making it easier to learn and implement the techniques covered. Plus you can re-watch, rewind and replay as many times as you like.

Below you can read the various techniques that you will learn from each chapter…

Course Curriculum



Hello, this is John Michaloudis and Oz du Soleil and we will be your instructors for The Ultimate Power Query & Data Cleansing Online Course.

You can read John’s story here and Oz’s here.

Get in contact with us if you have any questions about this course at or

1 - Formulas: Text


Learn the various text formulas, like Replace, Substitute & Mid, which will allow you to reshape, extract and transform your dirty data and make it Excel friendly for more useful analysis!

2. Formulas: Lookup


Lookup formulas allow you to bring in data into your report to make super charged analysis as well as check multiple reports for matching data.

3. Formulas: Case Study


Oz will show you the common tasks in cleansing lists of data, and learn about the Excel function that are best to use, as well as develop strategy for applying multiple steps in cleansing data.

4. Data: Data Shaping & Flat Files


You will be able to recognize when a task requires true data-cleansing or data-shaping; and understand the usefulness of "flat files."

5. Data: Text to Columns


Learn the different ways to separate the contents of one Excel cell into separate columns and turn text values into Excel values.

6. Data: Go to Special


Show you the various ways to clean up your Excel data with this hidden but powerful Excel feature!

7. Data: Paste Special


Shape your Excel data using the varipus pasting techniques

8. Data: Sort & Filter


Use Excel's sort and filter features to assess a data-cleansing job. Also, work with data that isn't sortable, and flag specific records to make sorting possible.

9. Data: Find & Replace


Use Excel's Find and Replace feature to change around your data in a flash!

10. Data: Conditional Formatting


Highlight key data, duplicates and errors in your Excel spreadsheet with the powerful Conditional Formatting feature

11. Data: Flash Fill


This new Excel 2013 feature allows you to transform & extract your original data in the format that you want, all with the press of a button, saving you the pain of creating a complex formula & hours in the meantime!

12. Data: Tips


Get the best tips that the Excel pros use to turn your unworkable data into clean and presentable information.

13. Data: Case Study


Oz shows you the best strategy to examining the data before starting the cleansing process and finding a solution to clean your data.

14. Data: Excel tables


Excel Tables are key to organizing your data which will be used for further analysis in Power Query, Pivot Tables or Power Pivot.

15. Data Models


A Data Model is a new approach for integrating data from multiple tables, effectively building a relational data source inside an Excel workbook. Say goobye to VLOOKUP!

16. Power query (get & transform) – Introduction


Introduction into the capabilities and power of this super Excel tool as well as tutorials on how to install and activate this feature.

17. Power query (get & transform) – Connecting to a Folder


Connect a main spreadsheet to a folder using Power Query (Get and Transform) to automate the cleansing and integration of new data.

18. Power query (get & transform) – From Excel Workbook


Learn how to consolidate Excel Workbooks and Worksheets and automate this process in minutes and without applying VLOOKUP or VBA & Macros!

19. Power query (get & transform) – Merge


Use Power Query (Get and Transform) to combine 2 sets of data, refresh queries and easily make updates to the source data, cutting your reporting time by hours!

20. Power query (get & transform) – Joins


Understand the types of joins in Excel's Power Query (Get and Transform) and recognize the type of join that's necessary when comparing or merging multiple datasets.

21. Power query (get & transform) – Bonus Tricks!


We show you the hidden features within Power Query that will extend your analytical powers. Recording from our VIP Webinar Q&As are included in this chapter.

22. Bonus videos


Oz du Soleil shows you various videos from his popular SSVEDA series that touch on various Excel topics!

You will also be able to access & view our previous Live Q&A Webinar session recordings, which are jam-packed of valuable Excel tips!

Scroll down the page to view all the individual tutorials within this course

This Online Course is Delivered to You Inside a Cutting Edge, Easy to Navigate Learning System


Once you enroll in the course you immediately get access to our leading edge course management software.

This way of delivering the training helps to make your learning more organized and keeps you focused.

It also makes following the course much easier.

You’ll be equipped with your own personal student dashboard, an achievements and progress tracker, viewed/remaining tutorials and course author discussions if you need any help.

You won’t have to purchase anything additional to participate in the course, everything you need is provided!

Icon Downloadable & Interactive Excel Workbooks to Follow Along and Hone Your Skills

These workbooks are the same ones we work with in the video training and they are in "Start" and " Finished" mode so you can follow along or go directly to the answer!

You’ll be able to follow us, step by step, and see first-hand how we use the various Excel features, tricks and strategies to come up with time saving solutions.

Of course you’ll also be able to download and keep all the Excel workbooks that are shown on each training video to your desktop or hard drive! You can take the workbooks with you anywhere, office, home or even while travelling.

You can follow along live and practice the new tricks and tactics you’ll discover, which will build your confidence when using Excel.

You’ll also be able to keep and use them as a reference tool that you can go back to later and refresh your memory (hey, we never remember everything the first time we see it, right?).

Icon Downloadable HD Videos to Keep forever!

Online access is great but how about when you are unable to connect to the internet or don't have WiFi access?

Problem solved!

Download all the videos from this course to your computer so you can watch offline, in transit or whilst you are travelling.

The downloadable videos are in HD quality mp4 format and you can keep them on your hard driver & re-watch the tutorials whenever you want!

Icon You'll Get Lifetime Online Access + Course Updates

When you enroll, you get lifetime online access, from anywhere in the world, home or office ... 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, year after year...

New video tutorials will be updated quarterly so you are guaranteed to be up to date with any of Excel's new features.

These are High Definition quality videos viewable from your PC, Laptop, Tablet or mobile phone.

These tutorials are available to watch at your own pace, so you can get maximum value out of them.

Icon Certificate Of Course Completion

Once you complete The Ultimate Power Query & Data Cleansing Course, you will receive a ‘Certificate of Completion’ that you can print, frame, and use to enrich your resume/CV.

This Certificate is also available to put within your LinkedIn profile & achievements section for other professionals to see!

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We wouldn’t dream of letting you enroll in this course without taking all of the risk out of your purchase decision.

We are so confident that you will get lots of value from this course that you can take it for the full 30 days, study it and apply it to your work to see the results.

If you're not 100% satisfied, we are more than happy to refund the full purchase amount, even if it’s midnight on the 30th day!

So give the course a good go, watch & download all the videos, download the workbooks and ask us any questions during 30 days!

If you don’t feel you’ll be able to master the craft of using Excel Power Query & Data Cleansing to accomplish your objectives, then contact us and we will refund you your money, no questions asked and no hard feelings as that is our motto with all of the training courses that we offer!

You literally have nothing to lose. Fair enough?

Course Bonuses

  • Bonus Course bonus #1 ($380 value): 6 VIP Live Webinars with Oz & John This is a limited time bonus for signing up today which will get you VIP access to 6 live webinars with Oz and John where they answer your data cleansing issues.

    You will be able to send in your problem workbooks to Oz and John where they will demonstrate live how to come up with a solution.

    These webinars will be recorded and available to all the course students to view and learn from within the BONUS chapter of the course curriculum!
  • Bonus Course bonus #2 ($490 value): 12 Months of Dedicated Pro-Level Email Support While you’re discovering the treasure trove of data cleansing secrets in The Ultimate Power Query & Data Cleanings Online Course, you’re bound to come up with specific questions that need an answer.

    For a limited time, we’ve decided to include free personal email support during the first 12 months!

    Get fast expert-level help whenever you get stuck, or need an issue resolved by either Oz du Soleil or John Michaloudis.

    You can also easily interact with me via "Discussions" through our learning platform.

    We will still support you after the 12 months is over, it is just that we may not get to you straight away as we will be focusing on the next group of students that come in the course.
  • Bonus Course bonus #3: 25% Lifetime Discount on Future Courses When you complete your paid enrolment today, you’ll join the thousands of other lucky students who enjoy a 25% lifetime discount on all future courses from

    New courses are added each year so you are sure to benefit by learning new Excel features whilst saving money at the same time!

How Much Does It Cost?

Right now I'm offering lifetime access to The Ultimate Excel Power Query & Data Cleansing Course for RRP $297.

Online training is high in demand in the current corporate environment as it allows you to receive training at a much lower price as compared to the traditional live in-person seminars.

These seminars would usually cost you more than $2,000, not to mention the additional travel costs to and from, cold conference rooms and distractions from students who are on a different learning level than you.

Let me ask you. How much of the content would you retain from these live seminars?

  • The The Ultimate Excel Power Query & Data Cleansing Course Course RRP $297 Course
    • Lifetime Online Access
    • Downloadable Videos
    • Downloadable Excel Workbooks
    • 12 Months Dedicated Support
    • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
    • VIP Webinar Q&A Access
    • Certificate of Completion
  • Live Training Seminars $2000+ Course
    • Extra Travel Costs
    • Uncomfortable Conference Rooms
    • Divided attention
    • Distractions from participants

Study reveals that you are 90% more likely to retain what you learn from online training v live seminars as you are more likely to:

  • Ask more questions as you don't feel like sounding stupid in front of a large crowd;
  • Learn at your own pace depending on your Excel level and not someone else's level;
  • Have less distractions as you can watch the tutorials from any device and any place, including the comfort of you home;
  • Practice what you learn straight away using the downloadable workbook or applying what you learn to your real life work files;

You literally have nothing to lose. Fair enough?

Look, if you really want to impress your boss and stand out from your colleagues... ... if you want to improve your professional development to achieve greater opportunities like promotions, a higher salary, and knowledge that you can take to another job, etc...

Then this course is for you!

If you are really serious about getting better at Excel, then mastering the use of Power Query & Data Cleansing Techniques is the ideal first step. The Ultimate Excel Power Query & Data Cleansing Courses Online Course is your key to accomplishing all of this and more.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Who should take this course?

  • New users, beginners, intermediates and advanced Excel users. Anyone who wants to use Excel to create more than just “columns and rows.”
  • Professionals working in the corporate world or government sectors who want to leverage Excel for increased productivity, accurate data management and more.
  • People who want to change career and apply for a new job.
  • People who work with large volumes of data and want to quickly sift through, analyze, and chart the data in a professional way.
  • People who prepare reports that require constant updating with new data on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.
  • Import data into Excel from an external source e.g. ERP System like Oracle, SAP, QuickBooks, PeopleSoft, company database, Access, Web etc...and need to quickly & accurately analyze that data and extract valuable information.

What version of Excel do I need?

This course was recorded using Excel 2016 but all the concepts taught are compatible with:

  • Excel for Windows: 2003*, 2007*, 2010, 2013, 2016
  • Excel for Mac: 2011*, 2016*

* Power Query (Get & Transform) is not available in these versions

What am I going to get from this online course?

  • Over 100 short downloadable video tutorials which amount to over 7 hours of Excel-specific training and accessible online for forever! (Plus all of the items described above)
  • You will be able to easily clean lots of data, automate and consolidate your reports and highlight business insights in a quick and interactive way, while getting noticed by top management and prospective employers. (Plus much more...!!!)
  • Increase your Excel skills dramatically, which will make you stand out from your peers and allow you to grab fresh new opportunities.

What payment methods do you accept?

  • We accept all major credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover etc as well as PayPal.
  • The course fees are shown in USD.
  • Get in contact with us if you want to pay via a bank transfer or check at
  • If you need a Tax Invoice for your records, then this can be emailed to you.
  • We are happy to complete any paperwork your company or government may require.

Can I purchase the course for a large number of staff?


Please contact us to discuss our specialized options for multi-user discounted pricing at:

We can also provide the course to integrate into your company's own Learning Management System.

Now, let’s hear what some of my students have said about this course...

Great course with fantastic teacher - Worth every dollar ! - many advanced tips about txt parsing that i found first time here, (and i am not beginner ) - great audio and video quality - realy deep and step by steep lectures - charismatic teacher bouns: you will get exclusive tip for making coffe and some advices to keep you out of Hell (real one) Person Matjaz

This is an excellent course that is full of practical ideas. The instructors are very knowledgeable and are able to deliver their presentations in a confident and engaging manner. I would whole hearted recommend the course. I have progressed this course and am amazed at the new techniques that I have learned. It is a fantastic learning experience Person John

John and Oz are fantastic at what they do. I have learned heaps from them and look forward to exploring the rest of the course. Love how they use real world examples. Feels like on the job training - what better way to learn Person Divisha

I've been a fan of John's courses and his partnership with Oz turned out great! They make a great team and I'm excited to apply these Data Cleansing techniques to my everyday work. Each video covers 1 aspect of what you need to know so it's easy to grasp and easy to digest. Every single dollar is worth it for this comprehensive course Person Bryan

The course delivered what it promised and I was able to apply some of my learning immediately – the content was practical. I liked that the course offered me alternate ways of looking at my data with tools that made transforming it less of a challenge and more of a game that was both rewarding and fun. Combining data cleansing and transformation techniques with Power Query made so much sense. I really appreciated the opportunity to interact with both John and Oz via the course discussion board and the fact that they responded so quickly and personally. I learned a lot even after the course from other student’s questions on the course board and the response provided by John and Oz. Now I have another resource to help me deal with data. Person Mike Kardash

Thanks for offering The Ultimate Power Query & Data Cleansing Course, which is really enriching. With the knowledge, I was able to help other users to perform their daily routine tasks faster without having them to learn macros or remember the Excel functions. The follow-up live sessions are great as the solution to real work problems were resolved easily by Oz. The invaluable tips you offered will be put to good use. Person John Thong

Fabulous Course! My Excel Online’s Ultimate Power Query & Data Cleansing Course is up there with the best excel training courses. John Michaloudis presents the content dealing with formulas fully and in detail. The ability to play the video at double time allows a faster pace for those that only need a review. Oz du Soliel presents the Get and Transform/Power Query content in an entertaining manner while covering it in depth. I especially liked that he gave the logic behind his actions and a variety of examples. The sample files provided gave plenty of opportunity to practice each module. I saved many hours converting a Quickbooks report into a pivot table using Get and Transform using what I learned from John and Oz. It felt like a miracle. Person Gráinne Duggan

Now it’s your turn to go ahead and discover the incredible power of power query and the various Data Cleansing Techniques!

To enroll, click the buy now button below (risk-free for 30 days or your money back)...

...Because every hour you delay only delays your personal and professional progress...

John Michaloudis & Oz du Soleil (Excel MVP) John Michaloudis & Oz du Soleil (Excel MVP)

John Michaloudis has taught over 25,000 students via his in depth online courses, has an Excel blog with free Excel tutorials which reaches over 45,000 subscribers and interviews leading Excel experts around the world to share their insights on his Excel Podcast show which gets 5,000 downloads per month! His goal is to pass on his Excel knowledge to over 1 million people by 2020!

Oz du Soleil is an Excel MVP (Most Valuable Professional) for 2015 & 2016, the leading author of Guerrilla Data Analysis and co-host of Hi has an entertaining blog over at and is a world expert in Data Cleansing. His goal is to end Excel user's misery by 2020!

Together they bring over 30 years of Excel & professional experience into their online training courses with real business case studies and a passion to turn you into a skilled and efficient Excel user!

Course Curriculum


  • John's Welcome
  • Oz's Welcome
  • Course Introduction
  • Connect with John & Oz

1 ~ FORMULAS: TEXT 55:20

  • TEXT - Intro
  • CLEAN - Intro
  • FIND - Intro
  • LEFT - Intro
  • RIGHT - Intro
  • PROPER - Intro
  • REPLACE - Intro
  • REPLACE - Phone Area Codes
  • REPLACE - Insert Hyphens in your Serial Number
  • REPLACE - Extract Last Name
  • REPLACE - Clear Everything Before the Hyphen
  • Replace - Insert New Code within Old Part Numbers
  • MID - Intro
  • MID - Extract Numbers Between Hyphens
  • MID - Extract Cell Contents into Separate Rows
  • SUBSTITUTE - Intro
  • SUBSTITUTE - Add Comma After The Surname
  • SUBSTITUTE - Remove Second Hyphen
  • SUBSTITUTE - Count Text Occurrences in a Cell
  • SUBSTITUTE - Report Name
  • TRIM - Intro
  • TIP - Convert Formulas to Values
  • TIP - Convert Text to Numbers
  • Text Function Quiz


  • VLOOKUP TRUE - Explained
  • VLOOKUP TRUE - Categorizing Data
  • MATCH - Intro


  • IF - Change Negative Values Using the IF function
  • Comparing Lists
  • Filling Holes
  • Filling in City Holes
  • Filling Many Holes in Data
  • Formula Case Study Quiz


  • Data Cleansing v Data Shaping
  • Data Shaping and Flat Files
  • Data Shaping & Flat Files Quiz


  • One Click Dates
  • Regional Dates
  • Remove Emails
  • Split Full Names
  • Text to Columns Quiz


  • Go To Blanks by Color
  • Delete Empty Rows
  • Go To Constants
  • Row Differences
  • Go to Special Quiz


  • Paste As Values
  • Paste Special - Transpose
  • Paste Special Quiz

8 ~ DATA: SORT & FILTER 24:07

  • Custom Filter to Uncover Misspellings
  • CASE STUDY: Flagging a List of Names
  • CASE STUDY: Sorting and Filtering
  • Sort & Filter Quiz

9 ~ DATA: FIND & REPLACE 10:41

  • Find & Replace
  • Filtering Bold Text
  • Filter and Go To Special - 1
  • Filter and Go To Special - 2
  • Find & Replace Quiz


  • Conditional Formatting a Cell's Value
  • Conditional Formatting to Find Blank Cells
  • Condtional Formatting for Name Suffixes
  • Conditional Formatting Quiz

11 ~ DATA: FLASH FILL 18:14

  • Flash Fill Introduction
  • Different Ways to Flash Fill
  • Extract Names
  • Combine Names
  • Hyphen Between Numbers
  • Move Text & Numbers
  • Create Emails
  • Excel Dates
  • Fix Incorrect Formatting
  • Extract Numbers From Text
  • Reformat Sales Data
  • Extract Hours & Minutes

12 ~ DATA: TIPS 33:33

  • Remove Duplicates
  • Special Number Formats
  • Fill In Empty Cells
  • Formatting - 1
  • Formatting - 2
  • Extracting a Unique List - Intro and Pivot Table
  • Extracting a Unique List - Advanced Filter and COUNTIF
  • Filling Holes with a Pivot Table Unique List a VLOOKUP
  • Pivot Tables as Diagnostic Tool

13 ~ DATA: CASE STUDY 29:01

  • Cleaning the Member List - Intro
  • Data Case Study Quiz #1
  • Clean the Member List - Address Correction
  • Data Case Study Quiz #2
  • Clean the Member List - Cleaning the Names
  • Clean Member List - Separating First Names
  • Data Case Study Quiz #3
  • Clean the Member List - De-Dupe
  • Data Case Study Quiz #4
  • Clean the Member List - Separating the Names and Organizing the Final List


  • Tables Introduction
  • Calculations and Nomenclature
  • Naming a Table and using VLOOKUP
  • Connecting a Pivot Table to a Table
  • The Design Tab
  • Excel Tables Quiz


  • Data Models - Intro
  • Data Models - Create via Power Pivot
  • Data Models - Relationships Between Tables
  • Data Models - Adding a New Dataset


  • Power Query Overview
  • Installing Power Query in Excel 2010
  • Installing Power Query in Excel 2013
  • Power Query (Get & Transform) - Overview
  • Power Query (Get & Transform) - Query Editor Ribbon
  • Power Query (Get & Transform) - Query Editor View Tab
  • Trim
  • Format “text” Dates & Values: Excel v Power Query
  • Parse URLs: Excel v Power Query
  • Separating Text Fields
  • Group By


  • Connecting to a folder and auto-cleansing
  • Further Explanation of Power Query (Get and Transform)


  • Extract Venues Based on 2 Criteria
  • Compiling Data From Multiple Worksheets


  • Merge
  • Merge - Modifying Data, New Data, Corrected Data


  • Intro to Joins
  • Set-up and Full Outer Join
  • The Rest of the Joins
  • Joins - Summary
  • Right Anti Join - Carpet Installation


  • Modulo - Unstack a Column of Data
  • Unpivot
  • Converting an ERP Report into an Excel Flat File


  • Power Query & Data Cleanings Training Series
  • [Part 1] Different Ways to Format Data Using Power Query
  • [Part 1] Workbooks
  • [Part 2] Clean and Extract Data Using Formulas and Excels Analytical Tools
  • [Part 2] Workbooks
  • [Part 3] Consolidate Workbooks and Worksheets Using Power Query
  • [Part 3] Workbooks
  • [Bonus Video 1] Unstack and Merge Data Using Power Query
  • [Bonus Video 1] Workbooks
  • [Bonus Video 2] Convert ERP Reports into a Pivot Table
  • [Bonus Video 2] Workbooks


  • Live Q&A Registration Link
  • Q&A Workbooks: 27th of July 2016
  • Q&A Recording: 27th of July 2016
  • Q&A Workbooks: 24th of August 2016
  • Q&A Recording: 24th of August 2016
  • Q&A Workbooks: 26th of October 2016
  • Q&A Recording: 26th of October 2016
  • Q&A Workbooks: 12th of July 2017
  • Q&A Recording: 12th of July 2017


  • 12 Months of Dedicated Pro-Level Email Support


  • 25% Discount Coupon

COURSE BONUS #4: EXCEL E-BOOK DOWNLOADS ~ Guerrilla Data Analysis and MrExcel XL

  • Bonus E-Books Guidelines
  • MrExcelXLeBook
  • Guerrilla Data Analysis 2nd Edition
  • Excel Workbooks for Guerrilla Data Analysis 2nd Ed.


  • Pivot Tables Sliced & Diced Online Course Access


  • Day 1 - Peppers and Log Graph
  • Day 3 - Excel Work Environment
  • Day 5 - When Data Analysis is Wrong
  • Day 7 - Every Team Needs Someone Who Understands Data
  • Day 8 - Fix twitter symbols
  • Day 9 - What is Crap Data?
  • Day 10 - Guerrilla Data Analysis Book
  • Day 13 - Excel Seating Chart
  • Day 14 - Flash Fill
  • Day 17 - Excel's New IFS Function
  • Day 19 - Excel & Music
  • Day 21 - Prince RIP
  • Day 23 - Data, Reports & Tears
  • Day 24 - Teach Me Excel!
  • Day 26 - Lessons from My Improv Classes
  • Day 27 - Wine, Glasses, Bottles & Ounces
  • Day 28 - Relative & Absolute References


  • Webinar Replay
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